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  • Automatic stamping production line

    Higher production efficiency, stable product quality and lower unit production cost under large-scale production conditions are the advantages of automatic stamping production line, especially for large body panel production, these advantages are more prominent.

  • Automatic welding robot

    The welding robot mainly consists of two parts: robot and welding equipment. The robot is made up of robot body and control cabinet (hardware and software). The welding equipment, taking arc welding and spot welding as an example, consists of welding power source consists of welding power source ...

  • Automatic assembly line of ball head

    Automated assembly line is a kind of production equipment specializing in various assembling, testing, labeling, packaging and other processes in the later stage of product manufacturing.

  • Forging workshop

    Forging workshop includes many technologies, testing technology, forging process, forming process, free forging die forging, etc. Including heating furnace, forging equipment, forging process, forging die, material and so on.

  • Machining center and CNC lathe

    What they have in common is that they add a CNC system to a common machine tool. Of course, a lathe with a system is called a CNC lathe. A milling machine with a CNC system is called a CNC milling machine. A cutter library is added to a CNC milling machine, which is called a machining center.

  • Cold extrusion production line

    Cold extrusion is to put the metal blank in the cold extrusion die cavity, at room temperature, through the press fixed punch to exert pressure on the blank, so that the metal blank produces plastic deformation and parts processing method.

  • Lnspection equipment

    In order to provide better products, our company has equipped with a complete set of test equipment, including physical and chemical tests, static tests, basic performance tests of spherical joints, environment and fatigue, durability and so on.